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...Whales - one of my favorite creatures! On our last trip to Boston, we went Whale watching in Gloster, MA. We adopted a whale named "Colt" and the last picture shown here is actually one I took of his "fluke", which is what the tail is called. Colt is a humpback whale, which is a baleen whale, meaning he has no teeth. He sucks masses of small fish through baleen plates in his mouth, which act as filters. If you ever get the chance, I encourage you to go whale watching. It's very interesting & exciting. So while I'm thinking about whales, I made these awesome little earrings. \r\rBeautiful 20mm Brass finished Pewter Whale "Flukes" dangle from pretty 33x13mm Antique Brass Drop earwires that are adorned with tiny Copper Springs. These look fantastic on. Great for Spring & Summer, singing, dancing or whale watching. You will love them, I promise. \r\rEarrings dangle about 1.75 inches long and are very light-weight [only about 1/2 of an ounce each].\r\rEverything is mailed in a pretty little decorative box ~ perfect for gift giving, or dream catching...\r\rThanks for visiting! \u2665 & peace ~ Kathy, whale tail

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